HardKnox Roughcut Release

MANSION ROAD MUSIC (BMI) Press Release   August 1, 2020

We are excited to announce the re-release of “HARDKNOX Roughcut” by Gamache, Marak, Rondini, and Barger.

Released on August first this new CD features the digitally remastered music from their previously released vinyl EP by the same title.

With timeless catchy lyrics and melodies, this CD Is a great companion to our April Release HARDKNOX REDUX.

We recommend the following tracks for your consideration:

Track 1: Second Place, Track 3: Elizabeth Eaton, Track 4: Survive

This CD continues the experience of a musical homecoming for these talented songwriters and musicians: Wayne Gamache, Tom Marak, Tony Rondini and Bob Barger (CT band HARDKNOX).

Gamache, Marak and Rondini  began their journey with the April release of HardKnox Redux and now have continued it with this “new” release.

Digitally Remastered by Tony Rondini at Zorro Somnoliento, Driftwood, Texas and released by Mansion Road Music (BMI) Wallingford, CT 06492 www.mansionroadmusic.com

This 8 song CD includes a mixture of Rock and Pop Rock; including two bonus tracks from a previously released on vinyl single “I’m in Love Again” b/w “On My Way.”

Check it out, we’re sure you’ll agree this is a great listen!

This CD will be available for streaming and purchase at many music internet locations including:

APPLE MUSIC / ITUNES: https://music.apple.com/us/album/1524375879?ign-itscg=30440&ign-itsct=catchall_p1

Hear Now: https://hardknox.hearnow.com/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0OGpVmJaKwudMvUTbxce2t

DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/search/HardKnox%20Roughcut






Second Place (Gamache)

Every time, I look into your eyes, I can’t help to see, all the times.

You hurt me and left me all alone. I can’t tell my friends, no one’s at home.

So, don’t you wait for my lovin’. I can’t stand to be in second place.

And if you love me now, come on and show me how, I will never be in second place.

Don’t you say, things that you don’t mean. ‘Cause I’m tired of you, talkin’ me down.

To everyone, even people I don’t see. It’s time to sit right down, can’t you see, can’t you see.

Anyway Love (Gamache)

Well I’m alright, it’s really nothin’ about you. Leave it tonight, get it straight, get it right or it’s no use.

Got to work things out. I’ve been too honest with you. Show me now, I’m really oh so confused.

Anyway love, anyway love, anyway love, the next move is up to you.

I had thoughts in my mind, many a time to use.

Like a roll of the dice, when you’re rollin’ them right you can’t lose.

Never know me now, gonna hide them from you. Hold me down, I’m really oh so confused.

If you’re lonely now, you must find a road to guide you.

And wherever it goes, let your feelings unfold, that’ll help too

We’ve got to work things out, I’m really oh so confused. Hold me down, it’s something I just can’t do.

Anyway love, anyway love, anyway love, The next move is up to you. You better believe it’s you, hey you.

Elizabeth Eaton (Marak)

Sunshine filters through the trees. Hair tossed gently by the breeze. Elizabeth Eaton, where have you gone?

Long walks taken through the woods. I’d love to hold you if I could. Elizabeth Eaton, where have you gone?

Waves are breaking on the shore. We had love, but you wanted more. Elizabeth Eaton, where are you now?

You came into my life, but you never had the time, if only you’d be mine.

Elizabeth Eaton, I love you. Elizabeth Eaton, I love you.

The sun comes up, and then it sets. You left me with no regrets Elizabeth Eaton, where have you gone?

Nights spent waiting for the dawn, since I awoke to find you gone. Elizabeth Eaton, where are you now?

And the clouds surround my heart. It was light but now it’s dark.

 Elizabeth Eaton, I love you. Elizabeth Eaton, I love you. Elizabeth Eaton, I love you.

Survive (Rondini)

Some people say, that we’re fading away, they can’t see. We’re taking a spin in the wind, & changing key.

Don’t hold on to thoughts of the past, they never last. .The autumn breeze blows the leaves from the trees, they’ll grow back.

Survive, Survive, Survive, Survive

Take doubt from your mind, leave it behind, it’s okay. What’s happened is old, we can unfold a new day.

With this new love of ours, we’ll ride on the stars in the sky. So, hold on tight, tonight our love cannot die.

Take my love, take the key. Give me your love eternally.

Survive, Survive, Survive, Survive.

Do You (Marak)

Maybe this question’s slightly impolite. The band is playin’ and the music’s alright.

You’re looking good, oh so really tight. and I’m in the mood for love tonight.

(Do You) know how to do it. (Do You) Say there’s nothing to it.

(Do You) know how to do it, know how to do it.

All night long, I’ve been waiting for my play. Gather all my thoughts up, finding what to say.

There’s no excuse, now I’ve got my chance. I got the right move to get her out to dance.

Would you, run me around and lead me astray. When I’m hopin’, hopin’ that, I’ll hear you say

(Do You) I’m here with you askin’ if I could. (Do You) Your actin’ shy and misunderstood.

(Do You) Know how to do it, thinkin’ if you should. (Do You) You’d make me happy if you say you would.

Mr. Lennon (Can you hear me now?) (Gamache)

Mr. Lennon, can you hear me now. Cause I’m lookin’ for your love light in the sky.

Could it be that there is something that I’m missing?

Cause I’ve opened up my mind, but I still don’t know why.

Mr. Lennon, we all remember how, How you gave your life working for a better world.

There ain’t nothing left for us but your images. But you opened up our minds. Will America realize?

Mr. Lennon, ooh Mr. Lennon, We won’t forget you no matter how life goes on

Mr. Lennon, ooh Mr. Lennon, We’ll chant the mantra of peace and love,

We’ll chant the mantra ‘til you come home.

Mr. Lennon, can you hear me now? Cause I’m looking for your message in the sky.

There ain’t nothing left for us, but those images. Well, I’ve opened up my mind,

To keep your thoughts so alive.

Peace and love, Peace and love.

 On My Way (Gamache)

Now, I’m on my way, to a new horizon. What’s been right for you, ain’t right for me, so, I’m gone.

Lost my right of way, down a lonesome highway. Thought it was the only road, and now I know

I was wrong.

 So, I’m on my way, and I’m comin’ for you

 I’m on my way, and’ I’ll be there soon. I’m on my way

Did you ever say, or whisper in my ear, that the time in doubt, would always get you out

of my way?

We’re we so confused, or tired of being used? I’ll never figure out; I think the answer was

on your face.

I’m In Love Again (Gamache, Marak, Rondini)

I took an ad out in the personals all in fun. For a couple of weeks, I didn’t understand what I’d done.

When she asked me, have you ever been in love? Well, I laughed as we both tumbled to the floor.

 I’m in love again, and I’m all set ‘til next week  I’ve found home again, got my clothes and a place to sleep.

Well don’t you ask me to explain, Why love to me is nothing but a game

Nothin’ is permanent, and so goes love. You must realize it happens to everyone.

What a funny game, hope you don’t mind playin’, Until next Sunday’s paper…

‘Cause, I’m alone again, an it’s time to hit the streets. Pretty girls are fun, tweet me for a meet & greet.

I’m in love again, and I’m all set ‘til next week. I’ve found home again, got my clothes and a place to sleep.

I’m in love again, I’m in love again, I’m in love again, I’m in love.

Wayne Gamache Tony Rondini Tom Marak, Bob Barger