About the band

Wayne Gamache – After the breakup of HardKnox, Wayne stayed involved in music and continued to write and record songs both as an individual and with numerous other artists including Tony. He has his own recording studio “Origin Studio” and Mansion Road Record label. As you can see on the discography page of this website Wayne has been very busy.


Tom Marak – After HardKnox ended, Tom took a very extended break from the music business (33 years). He taught Social Studies and was a teacher for academically gifted students at North Haven High School in CT for 37 years, until his recent retirement. During his time in North Haven, he coached their Future Problem Solving teams to multiple state championships and Future Problem Solving International Competition championships. After getting back in touch with Wayne, he dusted off his old bass and guitars, and got back in the game as the collaboration was revived. Tom also lives in Connecticut with his wife Mina.


Tony Rondini – When HardKnox split, Tony took a hiatus from playing out, but continued to keep up his guitar chops. In the 90’s he connected with musicians in the Colchester Ct area, playing blues and country rock covers as “Hampton Station”.  The band made personnel changes and morphed into “Top Secret”, doing mostly rock and blues covers. In 2006 Tony re-engaged with Wayne, and rekindled the relationship. This sparked Tony’s renewed interest in writing and recording. It wasn’t long before his home studio, Chimney Window Studio, was built. Today, Tony lives in Austin Texas and is working on a new record scheduled for release sometime in mid-2020.

Tony and Wayne began writing new songs and recording, as well as working with vocalist and musician Reena Hart to record and produce her 2013 release “Waiting For You”. Tony’s debut record “No Use For The Blues” was released in 2015, featuring several songs co-written with Wayne. Grooveyard Records picked up distribution of that record in 2019. Tony also co-wrote and is featured on guitar for several songs on Wayne’s 2018 release “Get in the Game”.  Again we refer you to the Discography page.