Time Machine

The Backstory

It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pep… no wait wrong band, wrong story – We think ours is more interesting because it’s true! No Flaming Pies, no screaming fans (well, very few anyway), no backward recorded secret messages.

40+ years ago Wayne Gamache and Tom Marak put together the first of many iterations of the Connecticut band HardKnox. A bit later Tony Rondini joined and became one of the core members of the band. After 7 years playing (mostly throughout CT), personnel changes, recording demos, two singles and an EP of original material, the core members decided to call it a day.

Fast forward 35 years, Tony, Tom and Wayne are proving Thomas Wolfe wrong and metaphorically “go home again” with the Gamache-Marak-Rondini, CD “HardKnox-Redux” consisting of updated and reworked versions of original songs previously recorded as demos and singles, or in production when the band broke-up.

The reunion began as an attempt to preserve previous recordings of our original material, cover songs and gig recordings. We were impressed with how the tunes stood the test of time, but concerned with the condition of the recordings. The  quality left much to be desired and original tapes had badly deteriorated or totally disintegrated. Most of our songs survived only on cassette tapes.

To not let this material fade into oblivion, we saved all we could to digital format. Then we decided to re-record our original material. We hope you agree it was worth the effort and time, and you enjoy the music.