Single Release “Pick Up Your Gun (We Keep Asking Why?)

Press Release – July 30, 2021:  Mansion Road Music (BMI) News-New Track –

“Pick Up Your Gun” (We Keep Asking Why?)          

Wanted to let you know about the release of a new song, titled “Pick Up Your Gun (We Keep Asking Why?)” as a single.  It will eventually be included on the new CD “HardKnox Reprise” Gamache Marak Rondini are currently working on. We believe it’s timely considering all the senseless gun violence and killing (that has only been getting worse), as we try to understand “why” (mostly young male) shooters do what they do. The song is predominantly about mass shootings, but pertains to inner city gun violence as well.

Anyway, that’s the background for the song. Composer Tom Marak writes:

‘As a retired teacher, I’ve been highly motivated to understand these incidents since Columbine. I know relatives of victims of mass shootings, and I have seen the devastating impact on families, friends and community so this is a really important issue to me!

I hope the song causes us all to question “why.” Why is it so easy, for so many, to destroy the lives of others? Maybe then, we as individuals, and those with the political and economic power, can do what is needed to reduce the chances that others will have their lives cut short for no good reason, while their friends and families are left with the need to “Ask Why.”

There are no easy answers and no single solution to this plague we are facing: Better mental health access. reasonable restrictions on guns (especially for those who are likely to use them for these senseless acts.) providing avenues of hope and advancement to those in our beleaguered inner cities, and, so many more issues that must be addressed.

Finally, I hope that people will take this opportunity to send this message and song links to anybody and everybody they know, using any/all social media, and encourage them to “Keep on Asking Why?” Maybe, we can complement the work being done in so many areas, by many groups working to curb this violence. We can continue to amplify the dialog, and we can work to not only provide answers, but implement solutions as well.’

If you know anyone, or a group that works to curb gun violence and might be interested in using this song, please either have them contact us, Mansion Road Music (BMI) Wallingford, CT 06492 or get us their contact information. We are interested in providing these organizations free use of the track for any PSAs, or other promotions where they believe it might be useful. We can provide a CD if interested.

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Pick Up Your Gun (We Keep Asking Why?)

 Pick up your gun little boy, it’s a sophisticated toy. It’s made to kill, and with your skill, now you’re off to war

More people killed every day. There’s no defense, say what you may. We cry “your wrong”, still you go on, with this tragic game you play. Do you question your motives? Do you believe you could be wrong? Why blame the world for the pain you bring? Do you feel you can never belong?

Pick up your gun little boy, it’s a sophisticated toy. It’s made to kill, with your skill, we’re all asking why?

From New York to LA. So many places it’s the same. A gun in your hand doesn’t mean you’re a man, It only buys you five minutes of fame

Is there a conscience to guide you?You think you’re on the winning side. You can’t go back, you’ve signed a pact, Now you must follow the tide. Mosques, and churches and synagogues, all feel the anguish and the pain. Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine, will never be the same.                                     

Put Down your gun little boy. It’s a sophisticated toy. A deadly plan, won’t make you a man, and we’re all asking why. We’re all asking why. We keep asking why.